Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Keep It Simple #essentialsofrecovery

Life is what happens to us while we’re making other plans.

—Thomas LaMance

What happened to our years of drinking and using other drugs? They seemed to pass so quickly with so little to show for them. We had plans, but we didn’t get where we wanted to go. There was always “tomorrow.”

What a difference today! Now we work a program that helps us really live each day. We’re not losing time out of our lives anymore. Now every day is full of life: sights, sounds, people, feelings—those things we used to miss out on. We have the help of a Higher Power who makes every day important.

Prayer for the Day:
 Higher Power, help me do Your will for me today. I place this day in Your care.

Action for the Day: Be on the lookout today for signs of life! 
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