Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Walk In Dry Places #essentialsofrecovery

Thinking about Blame.

Which is worse: blaming ourselves or others for things that go wrong? A better question might be, Is anyone to blame?

We’re really better off, in 12 Step living, to begin dropping the idea of placing blame for our thinking altogether. Even is someone’s responsibility for a mistake or wrong is fully evident, we get nowhere by pointing the finger at him or her. What often happens, in fact, is that the person becomes defensive… just as we do… And retreats into denial or anger.

Another problem is that placing blame quickly becomes the sticky business of taking another person’s inventory. Let’s leave such matters to courts and prosecutions and focus instead on solving our own problems.

I’ll not waste time today thinking about who’s to blame. My focus will be on what can be done for general improvement. 
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