Thursday, 17 October 2019

Walk In Dry Places #essentialsofrecovery

Driven by Fear
Finding courage.

During any group discussion of fear, someone usually points out that it serves a protective purpose by keeping us out of harm’s way.

With the type of fear that drove us, however, we more often fled into further harm while trying to avoid the threats at hand. No person whose fear reaches a panic stage can effectively control his or her actions.

We cannot expect sobriety alone to make us exempt from fear. What it can do is give us an ability to handle our fear constructively.

There are steps to doing this. FIRST, we should not be too prideful to admit that fear can come to us. SECOND, we should admit it when we do feel fear. THIRD, we can discuss our fear with others while turning it over to our Higher Power.

It would be wonderful if these steps then lifted us above any sense of fear. Even if this doesn’t happen completely, we’ve succeeded in mastering our problems if we don’t let fear drives us to work against ourselves. If I am afraid to give a presentation for work or go for a job interview, for example, I am being driven into inaction. This must no be allowed to happen.

I can find courage today in the Twelve Step program. This will enable me to act properly and responsibly, even if I’m a bit queasy with fear. 
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