Sunday, 10 November 2019

A DAY AT A TIME #essentialsofrecovery

Reflection for the Day

When I first came to the Program, I thought that humility was just another word for weakness. But I gradually learned that there’s nothing incompatible between humility and intellect, just as long as I place humility first. As soon as I began to do that, I was told, I would receive the gift of faith—a faith which would work for me as it has worked and continues to work for countless others who have been freed of their addictions and have found a new way of life in the Program. Have I come to believe, in the words of Heine, that “the actions of men are like the index of a book; they point out what is most remarkable in them…”?

Today I Pray

May I never let my intelligence be an excuse for lack of humility. It is so easy, if I consider myself reasonably bright and capable of making decisions and handling my own affairs, to look down upon humility as a property of those less intelligent. May I remember that intelligence and humility are both God-given.

Today I Will Remember

If I have no humility, I have no intelligence.

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