Monday, 4 November 2019

A Day At A Time

Reflection For The Day

We’re taught in The Program that debate has no place in meditation. In a quiet place and time of our own choosing, we simply dwell on spiritual matters to the best of our capability, seeking only to experience and learn. We strive for a state of being which, hopefully, deepens our conscious contact with God. We pray not for things, but essentially for knowledge and power. 

If you knew what God wanted you to do, you would be happy. You are doing what God wants you to do, so be happy.

Today I Pray

May I find my own best way to God, my own best technique of meditation—whether I use the oriental mantra, substitute the name of Jesus Christ, or just allow the spirit of God, as I understand Him, to settle into me and give me peace. By whatever means I discover my God, may I learn to know Him well and feel His presence—not only at these quiet times, but in everything I do.

Today I Will Remember

Meditation is opening myself to the spirit of God.
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