Wednesday, 6 November 2019

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But it is in its prayers and treatments that the Bible is transcendent. It contains a large number of the greatest prayers ever written—beginning, of course, with what we call the "Lord's Prayer"—prayers the like of which have never been found elsewhere, for they go right down to the depths of the human soul, meeting every need that can arise, and providing for every possible temperament and any conceivable contingency —in fact they cater to "all sorts and conditions of men."
Among all the beautiful and heart searching prayers of the Bible there is none that surpasses the wonderful poem that we call the Forty-Sixth Psalm. This is an inspired treatment that will enable you to overcome any kind of difficulty; if you can tune yourself in to the level of consciousness to which it attains. It is the supreme Bible treatment, against fear.  

~Emmet Fox 
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