Friday, 8 November 2019

Today's Gift

Love, and love alone, is capable of giving thee a happier life.

— Ludwig van Beethoven

We are making a response to life’s every waking moment; our attitudes formulate the tenor of our responses. When the sun warms our bodies and the flowers tease our nostrils, it may be easy to love everyone and smile. When we have a negative attitude, we may snarl and all too quickly criticize innocent bystanders, as well as friends and family. All we need is to make a simple decision to look with love as far as our eyes can see.

When our hearts are God-centered and filled with love and laughter, we’ll find no experience too difficult to handle. No problem will evade its solution for long.

An attitude of love promises us gratitude in abundance. We’ll never doubt that all is well when love is at our center.

From the book:

                                         Worthy of Love by Karen Casey
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