Friday, 1 November 2019

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False Gods?

It is always risky to announce with certainty what we believe God’s will to be, even for ourselves. It is rarely helpful to use one’s material success as an example of God’s grace. “Isn’t God a millionaire?” a spiritual leader was quoted as saying in defense of his luxurious lifestyle.

It is reasonable to believe that God will guide us to the right career and business opportunities that fit our needs. We can even believe that universal prosperity is part of God’s plan, though we’re far short of it now. We need not envy wealthy people, nor should we want to take what they have.

The read danger of equating prosperity with God’s will is that the material quickly becomes dominant. We might also fall into the trap of gauging spiritual progress by our bank balance. This can lead to selfishness and arrogance, which immediately drive out spiritual power. We already had the bitter experience of making a false god out of alcohol. We must not make new false gods out of material success.

I’ll accept any material success with gratitude, knowing that my real trust must be in God.

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