Sunday, 10 November 2019

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Admitting Wrongs

A good Fifth Step in the program means being entirely honest with at least one person about the nature of our shortcomings. “A burden shared is a burden cut in half” is the principle behind this action.

We can feel relieved that the Twelve Step program specifically limits this sharing to “another person”—though we can obviously add to that if we choose. However, we must be sure to share honestly with that one person, being careful not to gloss over this important Step.

What is the result of this honest sharing? At the very least, it helps us lose the fear that people might know us as we really are. It helps us face the world with confidence and perhaps new humility. Moreover, it can strengthen our ability to stay sober. All these gains are certainly reward enough.

If I haven’t been honest with at least one other person, I’ll reread the Fifth Step today. This is something that should be done for my own future safety and well-being.

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