Sunday, 3 November 2019

WALK IN DRY PLACES #essentialsofrecovery


Hope and False Hope

No matter how badly we managed our lives while drinking, many of us survived by holding on to the hope that some great stroke of luck would rescue us. Either we would find a windfall to pay off our debts, or a kind benefactor would appear to set things right.

These were impossible dreams, but they helped sustain us in the miserable half-world of alcoholism. We could not see that drinking was the real problem.

But we did have our great stroke of luck in finding AA. This helped us face our debts. At the same time, we found benefactors in the form of sponsors and other friends. We also found a Higher Power.

Even in sobriety, we have to guard against the impossible dreams we nourished while drinking. Again and again, we must remind ourselves that sober living is based on reality. Even reality, however, can have its miracles.

I’ll keep my dreams alive today, but I’ll make sure that they have a good foundation in reality.

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