Friday, 8 November 2019

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It surprised some of us to learn that the AA Big Book has a chapter about agnosticism. The agnostic is one who believes the existence of God cannot be proved; and indeed, some of us liked to explain this during profound barroom discussions.

Our experience with a Higher Power does not really settle the questions about God or the purpose and meaning of life. We may still wonder why we are on Earth and what the universal system is all about.

We can prove, however, that our lives can become dramatically different as a result of our belief in God. While some people scoff that our belief in a Higher Power is merely psychological, we will know that it is far more than that. This belief seems to be something that we need just as we require physical nourishment.

It’s not necessary to join the debating society that seeks to prove or deny God’s existence. For our purposes, it’s only necessary to believe that God exists in our lives.

I’ll not concern myself with any general question about the existence or nonexistence of God. What’s important is to know that my Higher Power is living and working in my sphere of activities.

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