Wednesday, 4 December 2019

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Realization is the Key

If there is a particular Truth that you do not truly realize--then it does not belong to you. It will belong to you as soon as you realize it; but not before. This is why most spiritual teachers tell their students that they must do the work for themselves in the long run. Of course, people in special difficulties do need help from someone else occasionally and they should never hesitate to ask for it, but still the fact remains that we must do our own work as a rule.

The old-fashioned habit of telephoning a healer every time some minor thing went wrong was mistaken, and is now dying out.

The moment that you realize a particular Truth, it begins to work in your life. It begins to change, first your consciousness, and then your body or outer circumstances. You know, of course, that outer things always follow the consciousness.

But any spiritual Truth that you begin to realize at least to some extent, will go far beyond this. It not only changes and heals the particular problem for which you were praying, but it will change every part of your nature for the better.

Often you will suddenly come to a realization of something you never understood before. An entirely new meaning of a particular text will open out to you. That text was familiar and you thought you understood it but now you get something new, and you will think, with surprise and joy, "oh, that is the full meaning! It never occurred to me before." This is a great step forward in understanding and naturally it brings some kind of healing, because we cannot get an increase in understanding without getting a healing also. It may not necessarily be a physical healing. It may be a healing of your disposition, or an increase in Divine Love, or the overcoming of a fault, and so forth. And whatever the new thing is, you will never lose it again.

Realization is the key to demonstration.

Fox, Emmet (2010-09-07). Stake Your Claim: Exploring the Gold Mine Within (pp. 42-43). Harper Collins, Inc.. Kindle Edition. 
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