Thursday, 5 December 2019

Today’s Gift

“My true god is always with me. I am learning to trust myself … ”

—Joan Parsons

Sometimes a book we read at a very young age stays with us our whole lives.

One girl loved Heidi more than any other book. She always thought about the grandfather’s hut. It was a special place in the world—with the fresh mountain air, the spring flowers, the winter fire on the hearth. But the part she carried with her to adulthood was the part about the grandfather pouring goat’s milk into a bowl and telling Heidi to drink it all up so she could grow to be healthy and happy.

Now that girl is a woman. Sometimes, when she wants to feel taken care of, she pours herself a bowl of milk. Then she sits down, picks up the bowl with two hands, and drinks out of it like Heidi. She feels comforted and connected to the universe.

The private rituals we discover in childhood can befriend us all our lives, if we let them.
What do I want when I want comfort?
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