Monday, 2 December 2019

WALK IN DRY PLACES #essentialsofrecovery



Starting projects without completing them can be part of our alcoholic nature. It’s related to immaturity and a tendency to become bored and discouraged quickly.

The Twelve Step program can help us overcome this problem. First, we realize and admit to such tendencies, fearlessly facing what has really been a very bad habit. Then we become honest about our motives. We realize that we didn’t actually have the abiding interest that would have helped us complete some projects. In such cases, the projects never should have been started—and in the future we’ll take care not to embark on similar projects.

When something does need to be completed, the program will help us stay with it until it’s done. We will always find that the satisfaction of completing a necessary project will be part of sober living. We’ll also know that we’re growing in the program.

I’ll take the necessary steps today to move any project toward completion. This will also help with future projects.

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