Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Walk In Dry Places #essentialsofrecovery

If God be for us
Good Orderly Directions

Sometimes we find help and power in staying sober, yet feel naked and alone when facing other problems. It is almost as if we see our Higher Power as a “sobering-up God” who has said, “I’ll help you with drinking problem, but you’re on your own in everything else.

The true way to practice AA’s principles in all of our affairs is to view everything as spiritual, as being under God’s direction and influence. God is with us in our homes, in the shop, on the highway, or wherever we go. There is no place and no action that is beyond God’s scrutiny and power.

We should reflect on this truth at times when we are frustrated or when others threaten us. We should not expect God to aid us in manipulating or dominating others. God will be with us as a protecting, guiding presence in all our activities and relationships. And when we truly understand this, we will find surprising reserves of courage in situations that used to frighten us. This is true even when we are not certain of the outcome of a situation.

I will know that God is with me in all of my affairs today, in all that I think, say, or do. 
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