Saturday, 23 May 2020

A Day At A Time

Reflection For The Day

When newcomers to The Program experience the first startling feeling that they’re truly among friends, they also wonder — with almost a sense of terror — if the feeling is real.  Will it last?  Those of us who’ve been in The Program a few years can assure any newcomer at a meeting that it is very real indeed, and that it does last.  It’s not just another false start, not just a temporary burst of gladness to be followed, inevitably, by shattering disappointment.  Am I convinced that I can have a genuine and enduring recovery from the loneliness of my addiction?

Today I Pray

Please, God, let me not be held back by my fear of recurring loneliness.  May I know that the openness which warms me in this group will not suddenly close up and leave me out.  May I be patient with my fear, which is swollen with past disappointments and losses.  may I know that the fellowship of the group will, in time, convince me that loneliness is never incurable.

Today I Will Remember

Loneliness is curable
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