Sunday, 2 August 2020

Daily Dose Of Emmet Fox

Now what of those negative thoughts and conditions which it is

impossible to avoid at the point where you are today? What of the

ordinary troubles that you will have to meet in the office or at home?

The answer is, that such things (negative experiences or

conditions) will not affect your diet provided that you do

not accept them, by fearing them, by believing them, by

being indignant or sad about them, or by giving them any

power at all.

Any negative condition that duty compels you to handle will not affect

your diet. Go to the office, or meet the cares at home, without

allowing them to affect you. (None of these things move me),

and all will be well.

Suppose that you are lunching with a friend who talks negatively — do

not try to shut him up or otherwise snub him. Let him talk, but do not

accept what he says, and your diet will not be affected. Suppose that

on coming home you are greeted with a lot of negative conversation —

do not preach a sermon, but simply do not accept it.
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