Wednesday, 1 December 2021

FR. LEO'S DAILY MEDITATION #essentialsofrecovery


“Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss wants, and small minds discuss people.”

~ Laurence J. Peter

Gossip is a form of malicious cowardice. It is blasphemy because it denigrates human beings made in God’s image.

As a practicing alcoholic, I was a gossip. I exaggerated and manipulated the truth with my gossip. I made up stories against people toward whom I held resentments. Innocent people were abused and victimized by my gossip. I also loved listening to gossip. The listener plays an important role in the life of gossip because without someone to listen, it could not be perpetuated. It takes two to gossip!

Today gossip is unacceptable behavior in my program. I regard my fellows and sisters with respect. I refrain from causing damage with my words.

Teach me to reach beyond my smallness into Your greatness.

© 2008 Leo Booth   
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