Wednesday 29 December 2021

KEEP IT SIMPLE #essentialsofrecovery

One is happy as the result of one’s own efforts.

~ George Sand 

Happiness is not an accident. It comes from following the spiritual voice found in each of us. This isn’t always easy. Sometimes, the voice tells us to do things we’re afraid of. For Example, if we’re lonely and the voice tells us to call someone on our phone list, we may make excuses to not do it. Again, the voice may say, “Just make the call. It will be okay.” If we follow the voice, we will find happiness.

The spiritual voice inside us speaks of care and love. It will never tell us to hurt others or ourselves. It’s our Higher Power’s voice . It’s what Step Eleven calls “conscious contact.” If we follow this guiding voice, it will lead us to happiness.

Prayer for the Day:

I pray that I’ll come to know my Higher Power by listening to the spiritual voice in me.

Action for the Day:

Today, I’ll meditate and listen to my higher power gentle voice within.

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