Wednesday, 5 October 2022

Daily Dose Of Emmet Fox

Prayer is always the solution. No matter what kind of difficulty may be facing you,

no matter how complicated your problem may seem – prayer can solve it. Of course

you will also take whatever practical steps seem to be indicated, and if you do not

know what steps to take, prayer will show you. Prayer is constantly bringing about

the seemingly impossible, and there is no conceivable problem that has not

at some time been solved by prayer.

When we remember that God really is omnipotent, untrammeled by what we call

time or space or matter, or the vagaries of human nature, it is easy to see that there

can be no limit to the power of prayer. You can pray about a problem and solve it

at any stage, but of course the earlier you tackle it the easier your work will be.

~Emmet Fox   
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