Friday, 2 June 2023

12 Steps in Reverse

Everyone is always talking about the 12 Steps in A. A. Another way of thinking about it are the 12 Mis-Steps of A. A. Here they are:

1. Start missing meetings for any reason, real or imaginary. 

2. Become critical of the methods used by other members who may not agree with you in everything. 

3. Nurse the idea that someday, somehow, you can drink again and become a controlled drinker. 

4. Let the other fellow do the 12th Step work in your group. You are too busy. 

5. Become conscious of your A. A. seniority and view every new member with a skeptical, jaundiced eye.

6. Become so pleased with your own views of the program that you consider yourself an "elder statesman." 

7. Start a small clique within your own group, composed only of a few members who see eye-to-eye with 

8. Tell the new member in confidence that you yourself do not take certain of the 12 Steps seriously. 

9. Let your mind dwell more and more on how much you are helping others rather than on how much the A. A. program is helping you. 

10. If an unfortunate member has a slip, drop him at once. 

11. Cultivate the habit of borrowing money from other members; then stay away from meetings to avoid embarrassment. 

12. Look upon the 24-hour plan as vital to new members, but not for yourself. YOU have outgrown the need of that long, long ago.

C. L.

Chicago, Illinois
The Grapevine - Vol. 3 No. 10  
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