Thursday 21 September 2023

Daily Dose OF Emmet Fox

THE LAW of polarity is of course a cosmic law. Everything is produced by two other

things. Anything that is ever produced anywhere in the universe is produced by

two other things. That is the law of polarity. In the organic world we see it as

parenthood. In the inorganic world, the world of physics and chemistry, we see it as

the protons and electrons. That is how the material universe is built up; it always takes

two things to produce a third. And that is the real ultimate meaning back of the Trinity.

There were Trinitarian doctrines before the time of Christ. They had trinities in ancient

Egypt and India and in Chaldea and Babylonia – always there is the trinity:

father, mother, child: activity, material, production. Go where you like, seek where
you will, you find the Trinity. 
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