Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Father Leo’s Daily Meditation #Essentialsofrec #Spirituality #God



“Man, unlike the animals, has never learned that the sole purpose of life is to enjoy it.”

–Samuel Butler

Spirituality enables me to enjoy my life. I enjoy my sobriety. I enjoy the freedom of a “God as I understand Him”. I enjoy the fellowship of ideas and opinions that are based on love and honest sharing. The world is to be enjoyed and not endured! God is fun.

For years I thought that God was a judge to be feared; angry, hostile and revengeful. Strange how silly this all seems now, but for years I was afraid of God and feared His presence. Then I was introduced to a God who is beyond institutions and dogmas, free of creeds and punishments, a loving and joyous God who created me to be happy. Today I am enjoying my freedom.

God, the Father of the Universe, is also “Daddy” to us all.
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