Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Step by Step #essentialsofrec #Blame #Failure


Today, I will not turn away from a mistake with a sense of failure or “blame” someone else for a mistake I make. No Program of recovery reaches for perfection because no person will or can ever achieve it; likewise, I cannot and must not impose that unreachable goal on myself – and others. AA’s 10th Step says, in part, that we “promptly admitted” when we are wrong – not if. Thus, let me not be so vain as to place responsibility for my mistakes, big and small, on someone or something else; adversely, let me not be discouraged by a sense of failure when I err in word, thought and deed. Instead, let me be open to owning my mistakes, identifying the reason for them – and correcting the reason so that I do not repeat them again. Today, I am not mistake-proof and I cannot expect myself to be – nor can I expect anyone and anything else to be likewise. And our common journey continues. 

Step by step. - Chris M.
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