Wednesday, 29 July 2015

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Other people’s actions need not affect us

Our program friends are showing us how to detach from other people and their problems. We have learned we aren’t the cause of a family member’s alcoholism or the never-ending trauma in a friend’s life, though our family and friends may try to blame us for their difficulties. The program teaches us that we don’t have the power to make others go against their will. But when others cast blame our way, it’s been our nature to absorb it. Now we are learning how to refuse the blame.

Part of the problem is our desire to be liked. The anger or criticism that’s directed at us hurts. Few people are wholly immune to barbs from others. Even strangers can trigger reactions in us. But we can change – we can learn detachment. Our program friends are good role models. Daily we can work at letting whatever someone else says or does roll off us. In time, detachment will become our nature.

I will ask my sponsor for help if I let someone get to me today.

From the book:

A Life of My Own by Karen Casey. © 1993 by Hazelden Foundation
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