Friday, 19 July 2019

Father Leo’s Daily Meditation


“We are none of us infallible — not even the youngest of us.”

–W. H. Thompson

When I was a young man I did not want to listen to older people because I felt that they did not understand me. With hindsight I see that I did not want to hear what they were saying about my lifestyle.

Today now that I am a “mature man” with a few years of sobriety, I must avoid having the same attitude towards the young, not listening to them because I think they are “too young” or do not understand! I must not repeat, in reverse, yesterday’s mistakes!

None of us are infallible. We are not God. We can learn from each other if we have the patience to listen. Sometimes we need to seek the meaning behind the words.

God, teach me to listen with the ear of understanding and patience.
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