Friday, 19 July 2019

Keep It Simple

               We grow small trying to be great.


We dreamed of being great. Trying to be great is about control. We’ve caused a lot of trouble trying to control things. We’ve been afraid to just let things happen, We’re not very trusting. Many of us have good reasons not to trust. Whatever the reasons, we had put our trust in getting drunk or high. We thought that was one thing we could control. What really happened? We got sick.

Recovery is based on trust. We must learn to trust that it’s best for us to give up control. It will seem strange at first. But letting go and trusting can become a way of life. The Steps, our groups, our sponsor, and our Higher Power—here, we find love and caring. We can trust them.

Prayer for the Day:
 I pray that day by day, I’ll put more trust in my program and in my Higher Power.

Action for the Day: I’ll list five reasons why I can trust my Twelve Step program.
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