Monday 20 November 2023

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Spirituality and Money

Some of us still ask, “Just what is this Third Legacy business anyhow? And just how much territory does `service’ take in?”

Let’s begin with my own sponsor, Ebby. When Ebby heard how serious my drinking was, he resolved to visit me. He was in New York; I was in Brooklyn. His resolve was not enough; he had to take action and he had to spend money.

He called me on the phone and then got into the subway; total cost, ten cents. At the level of the telephone booth and subway turnstile, spirituality and money began to mix. One without the other would have amounted to nothing at all.

Right then and there, Ebby established the principle that A.A. in action calls for the sacrifice of much time and a little money.

~ A.A. COMES OF AGE, P. 140-141 

© 1967 by Alcoholics Anonymous ® World Services, Inc     
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